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Inspirational athletes come in all shapes and sizes. Garrett Holeve won't let Downs Syndrome get in the way of his UFC dreams.


The Dare

“I have always been into sports,” says Garrett, when asked how it all began. “I played basketball for almost 10 years in my local leagues. I love to swim and I like to work out with weights. I got started in MMA as a dare from my dad. My two brothers and I were watching the UFC in a corner pub when a friend came over and said he was going to start training at the new American Top Team in Davie, Florida. After this, my dad dared all of us to go and try it. As it turned out, my dad and me were the only ones who went to check it out. There we met Rodrigo “Baga” Ramos, a second degree Black in jiu-jitsu and a professional MMA fighter. Along with head trainer Jr Silva, they welcomed me in with open arms.”

Garrett’s first taste of MMA training convinced him that this was something special. “I started training just three days a week but by the end of the first month I was there at least five times a week. Everyone at ATT has treated me just like everyone else, no quarter ever given when I train. They have become my second family. Since that day I have become a partner in our new American Top Team gym in Weston, Florida. There I help with keeping the gym in order and I work with the younger kids in our youth program. I also help my dad out with the fitness side of the gym.”

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