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Athlete Profile: Big Ben Pakulski

The bodybuilder, feature in our "Hulk Workout," talks about sports and superheroes

Athlete Profile: Big Ben Pakulski

M&F: How active were you growing up?

BP: Basically I was always active, playing every sport. I played a lot of hockey growing up in Canada and I played a lot of football and baseball. Mainly, my summers were committed to baseball and my winters to hockey. Aside from that, I went to school. Nothing really stands out in my head. I wasn’t particularly into video games, just school and athletics. Whenever I had an opportunity, I was outside playing. I was always on the go.

M&F: When did you begin to lift more seriously?

BP: I was 17 when I joined a local hardcore gym, and there were these two brothers who were about a year older than me at the time, so I guess they would have been 17 and 18. They were just huge relative to everyone else in the gym, and I was like, “Man, these guys are only a year older than me, and they are so big and strong and train so hard.” They were the kind of people I wanted to emulate; to me they looked like superheroes.

M&F: Did you ever consider a career in other sports?

BP: I probably would have ended up playing baseball. I had scholarships to play baseball at D-1 colleges, but I ended up getting way into bodybuilding and too big to play baseball.

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