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Check out Red Bull's Sports Athlete-Inspired Kluge

Red Bull's athlete-powered Kluge will get you pumped up.

Check out Red Bull's Sports Athlete-Inspired Kluge

If you haven't seen anything that qualifies as mind-blowingly amazing yet today, you're in luck. Red Bull released their elite athlete-inspired Kluge this week, featuring a wide range of sporting stars using their respective skills to keep this "athlete-powered machine" going in spectacular style.

According to Red Bull, it took 17 days of construction and 25 tons of material to put the whole project together.  Skydiver Sean MacCormac gets things going, while Muscle & Fitness favorite Lolo Jones also guest stars in the video, as well as golfer Ricky Fowler and Rhys Millen, who does some incredible drift driving. 

Awesome set, awesome tricks and awesome talent involved all round. This video is just plain, well, awesome. Check it out: