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Up Close With Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Terrell Suggs

One of the most feared defensive players in the NFL tells M&F what workout scares him.


Few players in the NFL are as feared as Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, aka T-Sizzle. The five-time Pro Bowler and 2011 NFL Defensive Player of the Year added the most illustrious of additions to his résumé this year, winning his first Super Bowl in a memorable victory over the San Francisco 49ers.

One thing you may be surprised to find on Suggs’ resume: filmmaker. As the President and CEO of his production company, Team Sizzle Worldwide, Suggs has been dabbling in the film world, including co-writing his newest release, The Coalition, currently out on Blu-ray and DVD. The movie, inspired by actual events, is a revenge story that tells “what happens when women turn the tables.” Muscle & Fitness talked to T-Sizzle about the movie, winning the Lombardi Trophy, and how he’s staying in shape this off-season.

Muscle & Fitness: Has the Super Bowl high come down yet? What’s been your favorite new memory in the time since you guys beat the 49ers?

Terrell Suggs: (Laughs) Well, I guess my favorite new memory is when the clock went to zero, and all the confetti fell on my face. I would definitely say that. But it really hasn’t hit me yet, what we’ve accomplished; I’m still in a daze. Since then, I’ve just been relaxing really, spending a lot of time with family. Went to a couple of [Miami] Heat games…[I'm a] big King James fan.

He’s having some year, huh? What is really left to say about LeBron at this point? Do you think we’re witnessing probably the greatest pure athlete of all time?

Definitely, I mean, he’s a big physical mismatch. There’s no human being that can stop him from doing what he wants to do. Last person that we’ve seen do that is Michael Jordan. But definitely, it seems like something clicked, not just this year, but the past two years.

What kind of emotions/thoughts do you go through with a player like Ray Lewis leaving? Do you already feel the need to take on a greater leadership role on defense next season?

You know, we haven’t really thought about next year yet. We’re still riding off the emotions of this past season. Still when he announced he was retiring, it was like, woah, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We all know the sun is going to set on all of our NFL careers one day, but for the past 10 years he’s been my teammate. It definitely threw me for a loop.

Who in the NFLbesides you, of courseis the biggest badass on the field? 

I respect a few offensive players, but I'd rather not let them know that. (Laughs) But there’s a lot of defensive players I respect like DeMarcus Ware, Patrick Willis. I have to give it to my teammate Haloti [Ngata]. Haloti is just a beast. Geno Atkins, he’s awesome. Jared Allen, of course. That’s just to name a few, but there’s more than a few.

So what does your off-season training/workout regimen consist of? Is it pretty strict, or do you just try to keep up with certain good routines year-to-year?

I usually just stick to a few routines, but this year, you know, coming back off an injury, I will add a little more to my regimen. Just getting back to early stuff like plyometrics and things of that sort. I usually I do a lot of pass rush stuff, working on [coverage] drops—definitely before it gets hot. Even when it does get hot, I just don’t do it as much, since I train In Phoenix, Arizona. But this year, I’m definitely going to be a little more strict.

What would you say is your favorite workout and your least favorite workout?

My favorite…I would definitely have to say the decline bench, with a barbell or with dumbbells—anything for my arms because I have a lot of upper body strength, so it helps me build up for my striking. My least favorite—definitely pulling the sled outside, or tire flips. Pretty much those two, and definitely that rope. (Laughs) I hate that rope.

What is your diet like during the off-season compared to the regular season? Are you guilty of a little cheating? When you work out, do you have any go-to meals for recovery?

You know what, usually I could cheat a little bit more, but I can’t this year. Like I said, coming back off the injury, I have to keep it strict. Basically lots of greens to help flush out the system. Need to stick to the proteins—the muscle fuel. You got to have your shakes. And if I’m working out in the morning, definitely steak and eggs—whites always, of course. Can’t go wrong with that.