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Dedication In Training: Lessons From A Bodybuilding Legend

Ric Drasin shares some words of wisdom on achieving your bodybuilding goals.

Dedication In Training: Lessons From A Bodybuilding Legend

Dedication in training can have a positive effect on everything you tackle in life if you apply the same focus and energy. I always felt that if I had one dollar for every hour I spent training hard over the past 45 years, I’d be a millionaire.

In the early 1960’s I began working out at the local YMCA in a very small town. You might say that I was odd, weird or eccentric - as my friends thought - but in reality, I was way ahead of my time. I knew then at 16, I wanted to develop my body and nothing was going to stand in my way.

I was playing lead guitar in a very popular Rock Band and good enough that I was offered a recording contract with Capital Records. I dedicated myself to being the best at the time and it paid off. But, that just wasn’t enough for me and I was hungry for more. I wanted to look my best, and at 150 lbs. that wasn’t the look that I wanted. It may have been normal to others, but I didn’t want to be normal.

I began reading some of the Muscle Magazines, copying diets, routines and applying them to my workouts at the gym. The YMCA back then was a maze of bent bars, broken weights strewn all over the floor, one cable machine that had wires on the cable sticking out, plus a calf machine that would swing weights and bruise my shins. There were also young kids running all around in and out of the place which was really distracting. Through all of that, I kept my focus and I was extremely dedicated to this sport of bodybuilding. My body weight started rising to 175, then 190 and again to 205. I was excited and inspired to go farther.

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