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Dedication In Training: Lessons From A Bodybuilding Legend

Ric Drasin shares some words of wisdom on achieving your bodybuilding goals.

Dedication In Training: Lessons From A Bodybuilding Legend

My school friends around me would snicker and tell me that one day all that muscle would turn to fat. That was the conception back then. No one had the knowledge that muscle and fat are two different things. I just laughed it off and trained even harder. I hit the gym every day after school without fail when other friends were out having fun. Many times I worked out late on Friday nights and passed on the local clubs and parties. I’d get my training done first and then I’d go out. When you put something first like this, you can’t help but succeed.

There wasn’t a lot of knowledge about diet back then and the basics were meat and milk. I had a power lifting background from the start so this diet gave me a lot of strength. I even added powdered milk to my regular milk for more protein as there weren’t any good protein powders available at the time. I also added dehydrated fish powder with water that tasted like vomit but it was the purest source of protein. Ugh!! I would go to any extreme to make gains. I might add that there were no anabolics available back then so the gains I made, stayed with me.

I developed myself so well that by the time I was 20, I was asked by some Pro Wrestlers to come join their world of professional wrestling. I had an interest in it since my childhood and at that point had won a few bodybuilding contests. The trophies were dust collectors and I wanted my body to make money not trophies. If my friends felt that I was eccentric before, then this would really drive them over the edge as they were conditioned to have the 8 to 5 job and be happy with that. That was something, which was just not in the cards for me.

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