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Dedication In Training: Lessons From A Bodybuilding Legend

Ric Drasin shares some words of wisdom on achieving your bodybuilding goals.

Dedication In Training: Lessons From A Bodybuilding Legend

Learning to be dedicated in one field would just apply somewhere else in life so I took the challenge and started training with women’s wrestling champion Mae Young upstairs in the famous Grand Olympic Auditorium. I trained 5 days a week, driving 120 miles each way from home. I trained 2 hours in the ring, suffering sprains, a broken nose, a pulled groin and masses of bruises and mat burns. I’d drive home 120 miles and go right to the gym and train with weights for another 2 hours. Sure, I was tired, sore and beat, but I had to get my workout in. Having a good body is what got me noticed and I couldn’t let that slack.

Not only did I do all that but I also worked at the gym, and played guitar in the band on weekends at the school dances. If you ask about social life, yes, I did manage to fit a girlfriend in there as well. This is what dedication is about. You just have to divide your time and make each thing work for you.

The training for wrestling brought on a lot of different injuries. I also had to learn various wrestling styles including American, Mexican, Japanese and Shoot for actual submissions, which is not taught today except by me.

I increased my protein by adding more eggs and cottage cheese along with the meat, and added more calories with rice and oatmeal. If I hadn’t done that, I would have most likely been back down to the 150 lbs where I started. I had to do this because I was burning up so many calories between both training sessions.

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