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Meet the Fit Man on Campus Finalists - Part 1

Get to know the guys who are trying to win the title of fittest college man in America.


Now that the finalists have been selected for our Fit Man on Campus, we want you to get to know the guys who have worked so hard to get this far.

Over the next four weeks, we will bring you a mini-profile of all the athletes in the final stage of the competition. We asked each competitor a series of questions so that they could tell us more about themselves and their philosophy about fitness and life in general. We also wanted to give them the chance to show more of their personalities - after all, they rely on all of you to vote for them, so the better they come across the better it is for them!

For those not in the know, here is how the competition works:

  • Each user has a profile page where a Like, Tweet, and +1 will count as a vote.
  • In addition, each finalist received 20 challenges with different values that they will do and upload. These will be showcased on the site and range from working out with a professor to doing a wall-sit while holding a pile of textbooks.
  • The voting period ends on December 12, and the winner of the Fit Man on Campus will be announced the same day.

Make sure to check Fit Man on Campus for updates on how our finalists are faring. Also, visit our good friends and Fit Man on Campus supporters at

With no further ado, here are out first batch of finalists - Patrick Frank. Jeff Zabrin, Alex Stephens and Mitchell Yee.

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