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M& Exclusive: The Last Stand’s Jaimie Alexander

Arnold Schwarzenegger jumps back into action—with a gorgeous new sidekick.

M& Exclusive: The Last Stand’s Jaimie Alexander


When The Last Stand opens in theaters this weekend, the world will at long last see the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger in a starring role. Excluding cameos and a supporting role in last summer’s The Expendables 2, Arnold hasn’t had top billing in any film since the summer of 2003 when Terminator 3 hit theaters. When the nearly decade-long hiatus comes to an end on Friday, he’ll be battling Mexican drug lords in a Texas border town, along with the help of deputy Sarah Torrance, played by Jaimie Alexander. She recently took time out from shooting Thor: The Dark World—in which she plays Sif—to chat with Muscle & Fitness.

Can you tell us a little bit about your character in The Last Stand
Jai mie Alexander: I play deputy Sarah Torrance. She loves the small town that she’s from. It has all the people she loves, especially Arnold’s character, and so she joins him in the fight against the drug cartel leader, who is trying to cross the Mexican border through their town. 

What was it like to work on a movie with Arnold? 
I had a great time. It’s one of the most favorite projects I’ve ever worked on. It was so much fun. Everyone was in good spirits every day. Arnold is extremely funny and such a hard worker. He pulled some really long hours with us and never complained once. He kept everyone laughing and joking around. The movie itself was physically strenuous and tough, but it was so worth it. 

You’ve done a bunch of big projects, but was it a bit surreal to film with a man who you’ve seen a million times on TV growing up? 
Yeah, it’s very surreal to be in a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I have four brothers and as soon as they found out they were like, “Can we please come and visit you? Can he sign my True Lies DVD?” They were so excited, just like I was, because I grew up watching him in everything from True Lies, to Kindergarten Cop, to Terminator. There are just so many good films that he’s done, and he’s an icon. For Christmas, he got me one of these Tank watches. They’re massive; I could wear one on my leg. I said, “Arnold, man, I really want one of those for Christmas.” And sure enough, Christmas day, at my parents’ house in Texas, one shows up. He’s just a really lovely man. He never forgot, and that was two months after we stopped filming. My brothers were very jealous. 

Do you have a favorite Arnold movie? 
There are so many. I don’t want to be cliché and say True Lies, but it’s one of my all-time favorite movies in general. So I’d have to say that, but after meeting him and working with him and knowing him, I’d have to say it’s now a close tie withKindergarten Cop only because he’s really goofy in person. He’s really funny. He’s got the most weird sense of humor I’ve ever experienced with anyone. It’s his happy spirit that I really enjoy. Now when I see Kindergarten Cop on television, it makes me go, “Oh yeah, I can see him doing that.” Especially the scenes with the kids. 

Was he playing pranks on set?
He would tease me because I would punch him in the arm or be kind of rough with him sometimes. And he’d say, “Why don’t you be a lady?” Very much teasing me. He would joke around and say, “I’m going to get you a nice pair of high heels,” or, “Let’s put some curl in your hair.” And he was teasing because I know he really enjoyed my spunky tomboy personality. It’s all very sweet like your dad would do. 

You played the character Sif in the first Thor movie and you’re back for the second. Will we get to see you expand your role a bit? 
In the new film, a lot of it takes place in Asgard. You pretty much get to experience Asgard for almost the entire film. You get to know the people of Asgard and what our realm is like, which is really neat. And we get to explore the Thor-Sif relationship more than we did in the first film, which is great for me. And there’s a lot of superhero ass-kicking fun. I do feel that this film has a darker element than the first film. The introduction of all these characters in the first one could get a little hokey at times; this one feels a little bit more serious. You learn how much more Sif is willing to sacrifice for his happiness. That’s a huge element for my character. You get to see what kind of woman/goddess she really is. It’s a powerful character to play and I think she’s really well written in this film.

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