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NY Jets' LaRon Landry Says the Gym is His 'Sanctuary'

The hard-hitting safety reveals the workout regimen that makes him a terror on the field.

NY Jets' LaRon Landry Says the Gym is His 'Sanctuary'

NY Jets safety LaRon Landry introduced himself to home fans with a bang on Saturday night when Gang Green took on the Giants in the Battle of New York at Metlife Stadium. The 27-year-old picked off Eli Manning in the first half and then nearly knocked the head off Big Blue wideout Victor Cruz.

At the halftime break, CBS 2's sideline reporter Otis Livingston spoke to Eric Allen of, who described what Landry's teammate said of his training habits.

"Bart Scott was his roommate up in Cortland (N.Y., the Jets' training camp base), and he told me that LaRon works out 23 hours a day," explained Allen.

"In fact he works out twice a day, once with the team, the offense and defense flip flops—but he is always in there every dayand then he gets in there on his own later. Even late at night Bart hears him working out in his room. LaRon told me the weight room is his sanctuary, and he is out there killing it tonight."

In the middle of Allen's interval chat with Livingstone, CBS flashed a graphic with a photo of the player and his workout regime. The regime read as follows:

Landry's Workout Week:

Day Workout
Monday Legs
Tuesday Chest & Back
Wednesday Straight Core
Thursday Legs
Friday Shoulders
Saturday Arms & Anything I like
Sunday Game Day

We knew that NFL payers don't mess around when it comes to physical conditioning, but Landry takes that to the next dimension with this schedule and team training. The result of this incessant preparation? Power, power and more power.

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