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Olympic Swimmer George Bovell is Ready to Answer London's Call

This veteran has medals on his mind as he heads into his fourth Olympics.

Olympic Swimmer George Bovell is Ready to Answer London's Call

How has the ban on the full-body swimsuit impacted your career?

I think I am a swimmer that benefits from not having the suit. For swimmers who tend to come in and muscle things, the suit provided that artificial buoyancy. Your stroke has to be so finely tuned to create lift as well as propulsion, and when you have a suit that is floating you the lift part of your stroke is less important. People came in and were swimming like washing machines, just flailing, and the suits were carrying them and keeping their form. I think I am a swimmer who swims based on feel and technique. Swimming was becoming too much of a technology-driven sport.

How far can you go in this year’s Games, do you believe you can win a medal in the 50m freestyle?

I absolutely believe it. I am stronger and faster and I have enjoyed my swimming up here (in Michigan). I think if I do it right I have a great chance of winning another medal. This race is so unforgiving and is won by hundredths of a second. They say it is the closest in all of sports.

There are so many phases that go into this one lap race; the dive, the kick out, the break out and the acceleration phase. (It is important) to maintain that phase and try to get the cadence to finish flush at the end of the stroke without having to glide into the wall, and without having to touch with your hand too close.

What does your diet consist of when you are in full-training mode?

Well, it’s about getting enough calories in first of all. You want to get a lot of protein in because you are lifting weights and you are tearing yourself down, so you need to be able to rebuild. I try to get a lot of healthy fats as well as it is important for your body to make its own testosterone. I take some supplements, of course, Usana, and you do find when you punish your body to this level that it is beyond the level of training for health and wellness. You are training to the point where you are breaking your body down.  You are almost getting over-tired, and it is easy to pick up a cold or anything that is going around so we take vitamins, as your health is such a crucial part of it.That is why I am into Usana vitamins. I trust them.

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