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Rapper Flo Rida Pumps Up The Power For Every Performance

Miami-bred entertainer Flo Rida has ascended to platinum status – but he’s never forgotten his training roots.


While honing his craft as a teenage rapper, Dillard also transformed his physique— parallel developments that, given the amount of muscle he flashes in videos and onstage, seem too intertwined to be coincidental. Almost immediately, he could see his body getting more “cut up,” and by the summer before his sophomore year, his forearms had grown significantly and his pecs were bulging. “I had more of the ladies, you know, hit? tin’ on me,” he says.

By his senior year, Dillard was one of the strongest kids at his high school. The third strongest, by his estimation, even when you count the offensive and defensive linemen on the football team. He was bench?pressing 370 pounds, but that wasn’t his most impressive lift. He once deadlifted 500 pounds while wearing sandals. The training helped his basketball game. At only around 6'1" (Flo Rida is now 6'21⁄2") he was regularly guarding centers. “I wasn’t even tall enough to be a center,” he says, “but they would line me up against the centers, because I was so strong they couldn’t really stay in the paint.”

Flo Rida jogs alongside a red convertible Mini Cooper in normal day traffic in some European city. He’s shirtless and his many upper?body tattoos, not to mention his chiseled, 233?pound physique, are on display for all to see. After shooting the “Good Feeling” video, a throng of admirers now follow behind him, Forrest Gump–style. This is what has become of Dillard since his days in Carol City, thanks to a work ethic both in the studio and in the gym that hasn’t ceased.

The first words out of Flo Rida’s mouth in the song are “Yes I can,” and the last ones are “Gotta love the life that we livin’.” These lyrics, along with the images depicted in the video, sum up Flo’s lifestyle perfectly. Sold?out concerts. VIP seating at high?end nightclubs. Hanging with Snoop Dogg backstage. Beautiful women. Expensive cars. Traveling from city to city. Luxury hotel suites. Lounging in swimming pools during his downtime to relax and enjoy the good life. Training in the gym like a prize fighter, and showing off all the hard work onstage with his shirt off and champagne pouring down his head and torso.