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Rapper Flo Rida Pumps Up The Power For Every Performance

Miami-bred entertainer Flo Rida has ascended to platinum status – but he’s never forgotten his training roots.


Flo Rida is four albums into a career that took off in 2007 with the single “Low,” a commercial hit that reached No. 1 on the Bill? board Hot 100 chart and earned two Grammy nominations. With other songs like “Right Round,” “In the Ayer,” and “Wild Ones” having also achieved mainstream success, Flo’s music can best be described as a hybrid of hip?hop and pop, the kind heard blaring in night clubs, on the radio, and on millions of iPods worldwide.

His popularity is soaring at the moment, with more than 600,000 followers on Twitter and a recent appearance at WWE’s WrestleMania XXVIII leading up to The Rock’s beating John Cena in an instant?classic main event. Not surprisingly, Flo Rida travels regularly—like the Australia and New Zealand trips that preceded his M&F photo shoot in L.A. in April—and always in the company of his trainer, Tony Bradham, who takes him through high?intensity circuit routines (see page 112) at whatever gym they can find in whatever city they’re visiting.

Without the training, neither the physical demands of performing onstage nor Flo’s physique?conscious image would be sustainable. “Working out definitely helps me onstage,” he says. “When I haven’t worked out I don’t have as much energy. A lot of times I’m onstage for more than an hour, hour and a half, and just doing the cardio and the boxing that I do, it helps me out. And a lot of girls, you know, they love guys with muscles. And I use that to my advantage when I’m onstage, taking off my shirt and things like that.”