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Rapper Flo Rida Pumps Up The Power For Every Performance

Miami-bred entertainer Flo Rida has ascended to platinum status – but he’s never forgotten his training roots.


Flo With It

Flo Rida doesn’t just Flow with the rhymes, he Flows with his workouts, too. Under the watchful eye of trainer Tony Bradham (a former pro boxer and sparring partner for Lennox Lewis), Flo’s routine is more like a freestyle rap than a scripted song. Bradham's program strings together traditional exercises plus ones he’s developed himself. the workout is a kind of giant whole?body circuit that com? bines compound and isolation lifts with novel plyometric moves, coupled with boxing training. “I make him work,” Bradham says. “If he’s cursing at me during the workout, then I know I’m doing my job." “It’s brutal,” Flo adds. “We don’t let up—not for a minute. We’ll go like that for an hour and ten minutes straight.”

Even more impressive? Bradham and Flo generate this nonstop intensity seven days a week, sometimes twice a day. And this isn’t just because Bradham is some kind of sadistic taskmaster hellbent on driving his client into the ground (which he is, in a good way). “I could be in the gym all day if I had the time," Flo says. "It’s just something I love.” so much so that at the end of this photo shoot, which came after a two?hour morning workout, he exclaimed, “I could do the whole thing all over again if you want me to.”