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Rapper Flo Rida Pumps Up The Power For Every Performance

Miami-bred entertainer Flo Rida has ascended to platinum status – but he’s never forgotten his training roots.



A typical Flo Rida workout isn’t very typical at all. While it consistently runs for an hour to 1:15, and wraps with 20 minutes of ab training, each session is unique in terms of reps (usually in the 8–10 range) and exercise selection. All moves are performed back to back, in a circuit, with no rest at all. When the guys are feeling particularly strong they’ll run through it twice in a row.

Preacher Curl// Dumbbell Curl into Overhead Press // On Flo // Power Flo // Sho Off // Flo Sho // Alternating-Arm Medicine Ball Pushup // Wide Grip Pulldown // Tug of War // Incline Bench Press // Deadlift// Hack Squat // 45 Degree Leg Press // Leg Extension // Leg Curl // Medicine Ball Incline Sit-up // Captains Chair Leg Raise

Glossary Of Flo Rida’s Exercises
Here are a few of the exercises Flo and Tony have devised to give Flo his impressive physique.

Flo Sho
Perform a pushup while gripping a pair of dumbbells. When you reach the top position, extend one arm overhead with dumbbell in hand. Lower and perform another pushup, then raise opposite arm.

Sho Off
Perform four reps of bench presses with your feet planted squarely on the Floor, then pause with the bar held at the top position. Now perform four reps of reverse crunches without returning the bar to the rack. Lower your feet to the Floor again and perform four more bench presses, followed by four more reverse crunches.

Power Flo
Mount a dipping station with a medicine ball pressed between your feet. Perform several reps of dips then, just before reaching failure, remain at the top position, from where you’ll do knee raises.

On Flo Ball Slam
Hold a medicine ball overhead, stand up on your toes, and explosively swing your arms down, slamming the ball into the floor. Repeat.

Squat to Press
Hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides and squat low to the floor. Stand up, curl the weights to your shoulders, and then press them overhead.

In a seated cable row machine, perform one strict rep followed by one rep in which you keep your arms extended out front and pull the weight by leaning your torso back until your back is touching the seat pad. Continue alternating reps in this manner.

*No two workouts are exactly alike. Bradham and Rida have become masters of improvisation, adapting each day’s routine according to how the star feels.