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Top 5 Hardest NHL Hitters Of All-Time

Some guys level the playing field. These guys level everything in their path.

Top 5 Hardest NHL Hitters Of All-Time

With the NHL playoffs in full swing, hockey’s best can be seen showcasing their talents in highly charged games where tempers flare and fists fly. While some players use their speed, agility, and quickness to their advantage, others use their strength, size and power. It is this latter group that often sets the game’s tone - delivering some devastating hits that knock out more than just a few teeth.

As with most contact sports there’s always the enforcers who make their presence known with a not so warm welcome to the body and/or head. This holds especially true in the NHL, where those with no fear use their big, imposing bodies as projectiles to slam into their opponents. Anyone sharing the rink with these skating menaces are fully aware that their health is always in jeopardy.

Over the years, there have been plenty of enforcers on the ice who slammed their share of guys into the boards and out of the game. Here’s our top 5 of the hardest hitting NHL players of all time:

5. Cam Neely

One of the most feared players in the game, Cam Neely was just as comfortable delivering a bone-crunching, bodycheck as scoring a goal. Never taking kindly to those opposing players who got in his way, Neely's mission was to basically steamroll anyone who crossed his path. It was that mentality that led to 395 goals in just 726 regular-season games. It was also that mentality that landed him in the penalty box more often than the Hansen brothers. "If there's a straight line to the net, that's what he took," said Boston Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli. "Whether there's a player he had to punch his lights out to get there, in his way, he would do it."

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