Training Camp With DeMarcus Ware

The Cowboy talks his workouts, rehab and spreading prostate cancer awareness.


Do you focus on one bigger lift more than another? Do you squat more, do you bench more?

To me, I always go back to what some kid asks me: What exercise do you do the most? For me its always, if the Ferrari didn’t have any wheels on it, where would it be going and I feel like your legs, you have to have strong legs, flexible legs, and especially every sport you're running, jumping, it’s the core of your body. It’s the biggest muscles.

Do you do cardio off and on with lifting, or is it more one or the other?

Actually I do cardio throughout my lifting, its like a transition throughout the season to where I would do a fast-paced, intense workout.

What do you usually eat after you workout?

Before I workout I have a bagel and some sausage and strawberries, and then during my workout I have some sort of shake or hydrating drink. After I workout I have a protein shake, grilled chicken and pineapple. Like an hour after that I have some rice, fish, broccoli, and vegetables and then after that ill have my snack where I have some apples some nuts and then I have a whole other meal. I would say I eat 5000 calories a day, that’s what keeps me going.

What’s your PR for you say on a bench press? Especially going into a huge heavy lift, how do you psych yourself up to get over that hump?

I don’t want to do a one time lift of 450 or 430. I want to see how many times I can do a 315 or a 225 that equates a 430. Yeah you can put a whole bunch of weight on there and do it one time, yeah I did it one time, but how many times can I push up 315, showing your durability and showing your endurance and showing your strength of doing it more than one time? I do that with every single one of my workouts and its been good I’ve been doing that my whole career.

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