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The Worst Pro Wrestling Sibling Wannabes

Pro wrestling success clearly isn't hereditary. These guys tried to ride their siblings' coattails to WWE fame and fell flat.

The Worst Pro Wrestling Sibling Wannabes

Say what you will about pro wrestling being staged, these guys have to be in serious shape and their bodies take a very real beating. They also need to struggle to win over fans and get to the top. Unfortunately, just because you have a sibling who has already made it, doesn't mean you've already got your meal ticket to a championship belt stamped. 

From Vic Steamboat's embarassing attempt to be like his brother Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat or "Leaping" Lanny Poffo falling flat trying to claw his way up to "Macho Man" Randy Savage's legendary status, these half-assed attempts at nepotistic glory were harder to watch than seeing some poor sap on the receiving end of The Undertaker's piledriver. 

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