Bad-Ass Workout of the Week: Circuit Maximus

We assess this hardcore reader-submitted workout. Can you handle it?

Bad-Ass Workout of the Week: Circuit Maximus

Sometimes, our fans can teach us a thing or two, which is why each week Muscle & Fitness will be selecting a Bad-Ass Workout of the Week, submitted by one of our highly knowledgeable readers. Then our training experts will explain why they're so bad-ass, how how to make them badder; and what training style they work for.    

This week, Dan Trink, Director of Training at Peak Performance in NYC, has some things to say about this routine from our Facebook fan Peter Valentine. Let us know what you think, and show off your own workout at If we think it's worthy, we'll post it on the Muscle & Fitness website.


Two Circuits!  

Circuit 1: (4 rounds - increase weight on deadlift and dumbbell snatch each round)

1. Deadlift - 225 lbs. x 8 reps, 275 lbs. x 6 reps, 325 lbs. x 4 reps, 400 lbs. x 4 reps
2. 500-lb. Tire Flip - 12 flips
3. 25-lb. Sledgehammer Slam - 20 slams
4. One-Arm Dumbbell Snatch - 60 lbs. x 8 reps/arm, 80 lbs. x 5 reps/arm, 100 lbs. x 4 reps/arm, 100 lbs. x 4 reps/arm
5. Burpees - 20

Circuit 2: (3 rounds - all exercises are timed, 30 seconds for each exercise)

1. Tuck Jumps
2. Battle Ropes
3. Sled Push (w/ 45-lb. plate)
4. Squat Hold on Balance Board (second and third round done with eyes closed)
5. 30-lb. Medicine Ball Slams

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