Breakfast All Day With This Enchilada-Inspired Omelet

Make this muscle-building meal in 15 minutes

Enchilada-Inspired Omelet
Brian Klutch

If you’re a man who likes his eggs, there’s no reason to eat them only at breakfast. This enchilada-inspired omelet is great any time of day and quicker than driving through a fast-food window. It’s also super low-carb and packed with protein, so make it a staple of your diet if you’re looking to get lean.


Mist a small nonstick skillet with cooking spray and place over medium heat. Pour in egg whites and cook until the bottom is set and top is soft set. Flip omelet. Sprinkle cheese evenly over one half. top evenly with chilies and olives, then chicken. When cheese is melted, fold bare half over filled half. Spoon enchilada sauce over top, Then sprinkle with cilantro.