Brute Strength One-Rep Maxing

Brute Strength One-Rep Maxing

Success on The Brute Strength program is measured in increases in your one-rep max lifts for deadlifts, bench press and squats. But you don't have to press these weights for just one rep to determine what that one-rep max is. As we mentioned in the August 2005 issue of FLEX (Fast Strength, p. 116), you can calculate your one-rep maxes using the following conversion charts.

The "One-rep Max" chart shows you how to press a weight for ten reps and convert that to your one-rep max. The "Ten-rep Max" chart shows you how to convert your strength attempt, regardless of how many reps you are able to complete (from 6-12), allowing you to calculate your one-rep max this way.

Use the following charts to calculate your one-rep max and learn how much progress you've made on the Brute Strength program.