And then there were four! Conor McJury, David Delio, Alex Stephens and Jeff Zabrin are the last men standing as we get to the business end of our search for the fittest college guy in America. First of all, we would like to congratulate the guys for getting this far and we thank everyone who has taken the time to vote for their favorite athlete.

On December 7, the top two guys will advance to the final and battle it out for the title.  That means that there are seven days left for each contestant to rack up some more votes.

Each man was asked why he thinks he should win, and we are giving these guys a chance to tell you in their own words why they are worthy of the title of Fit Man on Campus.  We are also highlighting each athlete's favorite challenge video.  Take a look, and if you like what you see, click on the contestant's link to vote on his page (each user has a profile page where a Like, Tweet, and +1 counts as a vote).

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Why Connor McJury thinks he should win:

First off, I would like to thank Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, and all other sponsors of the “Fit Man on Campus” competition.  It provides a great opportunity to me and other fitness enthusiasts alike to achieve a goal and be recognized for our hard work and dedication to physical fitness.

I have been an avid reader of Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness for roughly three years now, and I give a tremendous amount of credit to both of these magazines in helping me push myself and achieve the level of physical fitness I currently possess.  Ever since I picked up my first magazine, I admired the men in the articles and advertisements for their impressive physiques and dedication to their craft.  I have always aspired to be one of these men, at my physical peak, pushing beyond my genetic gifts.  I am constantly reading these magazines, always looking for tips and advice to keep me motivated, and to keep my training and nutrition as up-to-date, informed, and strong as possible.

I would be honored and thrilled to be named America’s Fit Man on Campus, because i would feel like all of the hard work I have put into the gym would be verified.  I believe that I deserve to be named Fit Man on Campus because I feel I exemplify what the award reflects.  I am a hard-working college student who has found time to maintain a GPA above 3.2, while still wholeheartedly dedicating to the fitness lifestyle.  I go to the gym 6 times a week, and give 100% percent every time I walk through the door.  I feel that I am as passionate as anyone about working out and staying healthy, and I believe that is reflected in my work ethic, training knowledge, and attitude.

Getting my own photo shoot in Men’s Fitness would be a dream come true. For years I have admired the men in these magazines, and to even share the pages with them would be beyond my wildest visions.  I cannot even begin to explain how honored I would be to have my own photo shoot, evidence of my hard work on display for the world to see.  In addition to the inspiration these magazines have provided me, I would hope that, if I were lucky enough to win this contest, I would inspire others to commit to a healthy lifestyle as well, and to work hard enough in the gym and out to achieve their goals.

Thank you once again for this incredible chance to make my dream of being in Men’s Fitness magazine a reality!  I truly appreciate what a spectacular opportunity this is!

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Why David Delio thinks he should win:

Justifying one’s own deservingness, for anything, is always a difficult undertaking. In this case, I’m sure many of your applicants are just as apt for the title as I am, if not more so. Still, I suppose I applied for the contest as I thought my physique could be competitive and, moreover, my story might be interesting for readers.

I come from modest means and background; With the exception of a pair of surrogate grandparents and a cousin with a similar life philosophy, no one ever really expected much from me, until a few years ago when my life, directionally speaking, really started to gain momentum. Today, I hold an English teaching certificate from Penn State, have spent some time teaching abroad, am currently in graduate school earning my M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and own and operate the areas only CrossFit affiliate.

I moved to Indiana for this program just as my philosophies on life and fitness began to meld. It is my idea to combine functional fitness with dietetics and counseling to craft a more holistic model for all around wellness, filling in the gaps where personal training lacks consideration of the psychological components of a client and counseling neglects the physical power of the body over the mind. In essence, I want to progress the idea of fitness, beyond simply what one looks like, to one’s capabilities both inside and outside the gym.

I wake up every weekday at 5:00 a.m. I train both morning CF sessions, have PT and counseling clients throughout the day, train myself twice a day, attend class, and moonlight bartending on the weekends. All of this is in the interest of eventually building a progressive ideal, steeped in fitness, which can benefit the average person and help them to accomplish more in a lifetime. So, what would this mean for me? I believe that the exposure would lend some validity to my journey and, moreover, would constitute a huge step forward in my interest in making “fitness,” in all its domains, an integral part of the lives of all who have overlooked it as a means for a longer and happier life.

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Why Alex Stephens thinks he should win:

My name is Alex Stephens, and I am a senior at Bryan College in a little city called Dayton, TN. I applied for Fit Man on Campus thinking that I have been running and caring about health since my first cross country practice at age 12. Since then, I have developed my fitness into more than working out and running, but incorporated it into my everyday lifestyle.

Fitness for me is a choice to live in such a way that creates a body and health that makes you feel good about yourself. I have a passion for helping people lose weight and be happy with whom they are as a person, and that is done best through diet and exercise. I love to focus on what I put into my body, but also know the value of being able to treat myself every once in awhile. I run 11-13 times a week and workout 3-4 times, and feel lethargic if I do not get the chance to. I am the type of person that has weird routines to stay fit such as drinking 4 ounces of Aloe Vera Juice everyday or knocking out 200 push ups a day.

The chance to have a Men’s Fitness photo shoot would be a dream come true and a huge part of my journey to a future career in heath and helping obese Americans get in shape. Men’s Fitness is at the top of the fitness realm when it comes to helping and encouraging people to live healthy lives, and I would love the chance to be a part of that. I have always lived a way that is different from the majority of the people around me, but that is what has set me apart as a fitness example.

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Why Jeff Zabrin thinks he should win:

Being America’s Fit Man on Campus will be an accomplishment like none other.

Being a fraternity member makes managing a strict diet and aggressive workout schedule very challenging.  Having to say “no” to unhealthy food and beverage choices is a feat I manage daily.  The fraternity provides three catered meals-a-day, which don’t fit my macronutrient plan.  Thankfully, my summer income funds my healthy lifestyle.  The 35 other guys joke with me about my tough eating habits but I’m the house guru when it comes to advice on nutrition and exercise.

Growing up in a house of 3 boys, all a year apart, has given me an extreme competitive edge to always be the best. I try to battle and outwork my brothers in an attempt to get a little more time in the spotlight.  From my parents, I have inherited a health-conscious mindset, the importance of doing things right, and the drive to chase big dreams.  My fitness aspirations have guided me to become a Certified NESTA Nutrition Coach.  As a Max Muscle associate, it’s rewarding to follow the weekly success of my clients.

A personal photo shoot with Men’s Fitness will validate the hard work and dedication I consistently put into my life. Specifically, my commitment to making smart social decisions, eating a balanced diet, and resisting peer pressure will be confirmed.Strong time management skills are essential to my daily routine.  I have found prioritizing my fitness, sleep, and nutrition gives me the energy to succeed in my academic and social commitments.

People ask me all the time, “Why do you live like this?” My only response is “I have bigger goals than this.” I am living in the moment as a college student on campus, but I am staying fit for my future.

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