The 25 Greatest Power Songs of All Time

Ever wonder about the best songs in the history of music to lift weights to? So did we. Here they are.


Young Sporty Man With Headphones Doing Pushups On Bench
Westend61 / Getty

Westend61 / Getty Images

5. “Eye of the Tiger,” Survivor 

It’s what passed for hard rock in the ’80s and the lyrics are cheese, but hell, if it worked for Rocky Balboa, it’ll work for you.

4. “Fight the Power,” Public Enemy 

Explosive, relentless, angry, incendiary—just the mind-set you want in the gym. The earsplitting bass, staccato beats and take-no-prisoners lyrics will put you in attack mode as you begin your first set.

3. “Back in Black,” AC/DC 

Nothing screams raw masculinity like this number. “Back in Black” will be cranked for as long as there are speakers.

2. “Enter Sandman,” Metallica 

Heavy riffs, heavy rhythms—it’s the ultimate song when you’re training heavy. It’s impossible to listen to Lars Ulrich annihilate the drums and not want to put your skin on some steel.

1. “Welcome to the Jungle,” Guns N’ Roses

What can we say? The gym is a jungle. And Axl’s snarling vocals and Slash’s contagious power chords will have you repping like some demented ape-man. Want definitive proof this song is the hands-down best ever? When training for his six Mr. O titles, Dorian Yates played it every legs day. If it worked for the Shadow, it’ll work for you.

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