Are You the Fittest Man on Your Campus?

Prove it. Enter the Muscle & Fitness Fit Man on Campus competition!

Are You the Fittest Man on Your Campus?

Think you're bigger and badder than everyone in your college? The team at Muscle & Fitness and Men’s Fitness is giving you the chance to prove it with the Fit Man on Campus Competition. The winner gets a photo spread in Muscle & Fitness magazine and other great prizes!

Register at Fitmanoncampus.com to be included in the competition. 

  • Finalists will be announced and will be encouraged to get votes and compete in special challenges for bonus votes. Each special challenge can be considered “Extra Credit” to help competitors get an edge on one another.
  • Competitors will receive huge exposure and special giveaways and prizes.
  • Throughout the semester, competitors will be eliminated in waves.
  • The winner will receive a collection of prizes, giveaways, and will be featured in Men’s Fitness Magazine


Go to Fitmanoncampus.com to register now!

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