Bodybuilding and Aging: How Getting Older Affects Your Training

Bodybuilding legend Ric Drasin talks about getting the most out of weight training as he gets older

Bodybuilding and Aging: How Getting Older Affects Your Training

I do have a lot of pain in my left shoulder, wrists and knees and sometimes it’s unbearable to train at all but I pop a couple of ibuprofen and go through it. Once I warm up, I’m good to go. Standing dumbbell presses are out, as my shoulders hurt too much and my right triceps can’t support it. Any behind the neck triceps movements are out for the same reasons. So, I supplement machine cables instead and they work pretty well. Dumbbell flat and incline presses are ok and they’re good for the chest. Squats are out as my right knee can’t take it, but leg press seems to work fine.

So there are options and I didn’t list all of them, but you can experiment what works for you as there are many to chose from in the gym today. If you continue to go heavy as you age, it’s only going to get worse as it damages the joints and becomes irreparable.

I cut my sets back to 3 per exercise and 4 exercises per body part. Less is more, and it seems to work much better than endless sets as we age. Recovery time is also much more important, as is diet. I feel as you age and you’ve accomplished various strength feats there’s nothing left to prove, so leave it at the door and move on.