Everything You Need to Know About Mr. Olympia

Your glossary for Joe Weider’s Olympia fitness and performance weekend.


1. Debatable result of a subjective decision.
2. a. 1972 Mr. O
b. 1980 Mr. O
c. 1981 Mr. O
d. 2001 Mr. O
e. 2007 Mr. O

Cutler, Jay Eleventh Mr. Olympia. After finishing second to Coleman four times, Cutler defeated his rival at the 2006 O. He now has four O titles (’06, ’07, ’09, ’10) and a record 10 top-two finishes.

Dickerson, Chris Sixth Mr. Olympia. After placing second the two previous years, Dickerson won the 1982 O at age 43. He is the oldest man to ever win the title.

DNP Did Not Place. Didn’t make the top 15 of the Mr. Olympia.

dynasty Series of Mr. Olympia wins by the same person. Generally, it takes three consecutive wins to establish a dynasty. Arnold Schwarzenegger (six consecutive wins), Lee Haney (eight), Dorian Yates (six), and Ronnie Coleman (eight) each had lengthy dynasties.

expo Trade show where the public can watch the women’s Olympia prejudging and the 212 Olympia Showdown prejudging, participate in the Muscle & Fitness model search, view numerous other events, meet champions, and sample products. This year’s expo is at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Sept. 28–29. See also “grazing.”

Figure Olympia Ultimate women’s figure contest. The inaugural Figure O was held in 2003.

finals Second half of the judging and held separately from prejudging. It includes posing routines, the posedown, and the awards ceremony.

first callout Initial comparison series of prejudging. It almost always consists of the presumptive top finishers.

Fitness Olympia Ultimate women’s fitness contest. The inaugural Fitness O was held in 1995.

fourteen  1. Number after 13.
2. The next Mr. Olympia. Current top contenders are

Kai Greene (third place, 2011 Olympia); Dennis Wolf (fifth place, 2011 Olympia); and Branch Warren (2012 Arnold Classic winner).

grazing 1. Slow movement and free consumption as performed by large mammals.
2. Act of wandering about the expo, sampling protein bars and drinks, and depositing free supplements, T-shirts, and other products into a big bag.

Haney, Lee Eighth Mr. Olympia. Noted for both overwhelming mass and a pleasing shape, Haney was only 24 when he won his first O, in 1984, and 31 when he won his record-setting eighth O in 1991 and retired.

Heath, Phil (aka “the Gift”) Thirteenth Mr. Olympia. The winner of last year’s O displayed a superb combination of size, shape, and striations when he beat four-time Mr. O Jay Cutler. Heath goes for Sandow number two this year.

“Holy #%$@” Exclamation uttered a dozen times over an Olympia Weekend by the typical spectator—as in, “Holy #%$@, look at Phil’s back!”

IFBB International Federation of Bodybuilders. All Olympia competitors are members of the IFBB Pro League.

Jackson, Dexter (aka “the Blade”) Twelfth Mr. Olympia. Noted for his consistent conditioning, Jackson entered nine O’s before he knocked off Jay Cutler and won the title in 2008.

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