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Written by women, for women, the Bikini Body Fitness eBook will arm you with everything you need to get the perfect bikini body.

Bikini Body Ebook
Want a great bikini body? Take advice from the women with the best bodies in the fitness business.

Written by women, for women, Muscle & Fitness has published this new, must-read e-book called BIKINI BODY FITNESS. In it you’ll find everything you need to know about how to feel great and look stunning in your bikini.

150 pages totally dedicated to the development of your perfect bikini body:

  • Upper and Lower resistance training for fat loss and muscle toning
  • How much and what type of cardio?
  • Sensible sustainable nutrition plans +16 recipes!
  • Aspirational photos
  • What works, what doesn’t—and why
  • Plus: 11 of our honed, toned, fit, lean and sexy Muscle & Fitness Bikini Girls to take inspiration from.

Bikini Body Fitness provides all the information and guidance you need: Training plans. Nutrition Plans. Recipes. Inspiration. The rest is up to you. Take the first step now.

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Bikini Body eBook

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