Iron Maiden: Amber Day

Bikini competitor Amber Day loves heavy weights, a confident man, and the great outdoors.

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Height – 5’5”
Weight – 110 lbs
Residence – San Clamente, CA

Amber Day talks a lot about how she loves to get dirty. But if you could pry your head out of the gutter for just 10 seconds, you’d realize she’s talking about the great outdoors, where she’d sleep under the stars every night if she could. Here’s more on Day, and her nights:

M&F: What are you up to when you’re not training for a show?
Amber: I am the regional territory rep for [supplement company] MuscleTech, so I handle all of our South L.A.–area accounts. It’s a fun job; I really do love it. I’m also a dental hygienist.

So, you like sticking your fingers in other people’s mouths?
I love creating beautiful smiles. I love making people feel better about themselves once they get their smile fixed.

Do you remember your first experience in the gym?
It was in high school. I was dating a wrestler, and he told me to come work out one day, so I did, and I fell in love with it. I was getting made fun of for being the only girl in there, but I would say it worked out in the end.

What’s something people would be surprised to find out about you?
I love to get out of the gym. I’m into extreme sports and adventure. I get called a hippie a lot because I love to go out to the mountains and go to the ocean and spend time in the woods and not worry about what’s going on in the city. I like to get dirty, sleep on the rocks, and enjoy nature. I think people don’t comprehend that because they see this image that we create for the stage and that’s what this industry is. Everyone has a preconceived notion of who you are.

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