Is the Ketogenic Diet Curing Dogs of Cancer?

The KetoPet Sanctuary May Have Discovered the Key to Defeating Metabolic Disease.

Is the Ketogenic Diet Curing Dogs of Cancer?
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Originally published on The Bloq

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Right now, on a 53-acre plot of land outside Austin, Texas, the nonprofit KetoPet Sanctuary is doing something incredible. It isn’t your typical canine rescue facility. KPS goes out of its way to rescue dogs with incurable, terminal cancer from kill shelters. These are animals that the general public has all but left for dead. Instead of writing off the canine companions to their fate, KPS fights back by providing groundbreaking cancer treatment. And here’s the craziest part, it’s a fight they’re winning.

KPS co-founder Ron Penna explains, “We’re using a ketogenic diet that is halting and reversing cancer – because only nutrition works on the many, many levels required to make the reversals to metabolism required to create an environment where cancer can't take hold. We don't use nutrition as our main tool against cancer because we have some sort of ideological leaning towards food as medicine but rather because the nutritional protocol we use is more powerful than any drug currently available.”

The key to the diet Penna speaks of is something that most Americans used to be told to avoid – fat. The idea is to essentially eliminate the only fuel source cancer cells can really use - glucose. In 1926, Nobel Prize Winning scientist Otto Warburg developed the Warburg Theory of Cancer, which states that cancer and tumor growth are enabled by feeding on glucose through a process called glycolysis. The hypothesis theorizes that starving the cancer cells should stop metastasis (tumor growth). And now it looks like the theory might just be true. So far the team at KPS has successfully stunted the spread of cancer in a dozen canines and completely reversed it in many others. They have acquired their own state of the art diagnostic equipment such as PET/CT imaging which is normally reserved only for humans. It's the gold standard in cancer diagnosis and a major tool used by the KPS staff. By using a ketogenic diet, they’re giving man’s best friend a fighting chance.

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