Muscle & Fitness Retro - June 1990

SNL Funnyman Joe Piscopo got ripped for our June 1990 Cover

Joe Piscopo was more than just a comedian and star of Saturday Night Live in the ’80s; he was also a two-time cover guy for Muscle & Fitness (the first time was in April 1988). The cover story for the June 1990 issue is actually written by Piscopo, who talks about his chance meeting with another legendary Joe: Weider. While Piscopo looks incredible, we wish we could take back our regrettable decision to print his name in the Saved by the Bell font. Today, Piscopo has returned to his stand-up roots but is still pumping iron and in fantastic shape
at the age of 61.

“Some people in Hollywood think I’m nuts with this bodybuilding stuff. They’ll say, ‘You’re getting too big. You’ll hurt your career.’ But they don’t understandthat high that comes from a workout, the challenge, and the personal victory.” —Joe Piscopo, 1990


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