Study Reveals Possible Link Between Concussions, Alzheimer's

But researchers also found that there may not be a link for those who are not genetically at risk.

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A study about concussions and Alzheimer’s disease published in Brain reveals a potential link between the two. Out of 160 U.S. vets of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, it was found that concussions accelerate Alzheimer’s and mental lapses, but only in people who are genetically at risk. 

"We found that having a concussion was associated with lower cortical thickness in brain regions that are the first to be affected in Alzheimer's disease," Jasmeet Hayes, PhD, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the Boston University School of Medicine, said in a university news release. "Our results suggest that when combined with genetic factors, concussions may be associated with accelerated cortical thickness and memory decline in Alzheimer's disease-relevant areas."

The study didn’t prove concussions cause the risk of Alzheimer’s to rise.

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