Top 10 Muscle Films of 2013

We count down our top ten flicks of the year. How many have you seen?

Top 10 Muscle Films of 2013

10. Olympus Has Fallen

He's mean, he's lean and he plays one hell of a president. He is, of course, Aaron Eckhart, and this movie, which made some $160 million at the box office has reportedly spawned a sequel that will begin production in 2014. Eckhart has a big year on the way with the release of I, Frankenstein, so keep a good eye on M&F coverage of that project!


9. Metallica: Through The Never

We're sure if you look at the catalog of music that you have used to get you in a lifting mood over the years, then there must be a little Metallica in there. If you are looking for a different concert film, then this might be one for your holiday viewing. We caught up with Rob Trujillo earlier this year, and he gave us an insight into the movie and into the methods he uses to stay in rocking shape.