We Asked 20 Women: What’s Your Least Favorite Sex Position?

Find out if the moves you think she loves might be the ones she wishes you'd skip.

Couple In Bed
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We're going to beat you to the chase: Yes, obviously some women will love the positions indicated below; these are just the opinions of 20 individuals.

Also, her favorite sex positions can very well change depending on the guy she's with and, well, what he's packing. There are some moves that work better for well-endowed guys since there's a thin line between getting that feel-good deep penetration and inflicting pain just as there are moves that are perfect for shy guys and couples looking for a raunchy time in the sack.

In other words, just because Brianna S. says she's not a fan of a certain position doesn't mean that your lady feels the same way. That's why it's key to have open conversation in your relationship about what works for her—and also you. Here's how to have the conversation that will lead to the best sex of your life. (But, maybe take note of the positions that more than one of our survey respondants mentioned...)

Read what 20 women say is their least favorite sex position—and why.

“I hate when guys put my legs above my head and pin them against me. It makes me feel like I have to barf. Besides, if I wanted to be Betty Spaghetti I would have been a gymnast.” – Sam M. 

“Doggy, unless the guy is engaging. Otherwise it feels like you’re being used.” – Natalie R.

“Reverse Cowgirl. I’m really not into the whole ‘Please look directly at my ass’ thing. Also, it’s tiring and there’s very little return on investment.” – Lauren R. 

“Up Against the Wall with him holding all my weight. Love it in theory, but even the strongest guy can’t hold a 100+ pound girl while thrusting for very long. Everyone gets tired.” – Lindsay M. 

“Sideways. It never quite works out in the long term, and I always end up switching positions.” – Alexandra W. 

“I don’t love Doggy Style because it can hurt if the guy is really big… if you get what I mean.” – Ashley W.

“Legs in the Air. It feels like a diaper change or a very intimate bikini wax.” – Whitney S. 

“When a guy picks you up and holds you against the wall, because half the time he can’t do it.” – Anna N.

“Doggy, because it hurts and is way too deep.” – Melissa C. 

“Spooning. Never figured out how to make that work—very limited range of motion makes it confusing.” – Arianna L.

“69. I find it so awkward for a guy’s face to be right there.” - Elizabeth E. 

“I really don’t like the Legs-Up-On-Shoulders position. It pushes my boobs up all funny and my love handles are smooshed out.” – Erica D. 

“Anything from behind. Most guys tend to over-do it.” – Brianna S. 

“I hate being on top. It makes me self conscious to have my stomach and chest right up front and center.” – Rachel G.

“Standing. This never works for me because I’ve never been with a guy whose pelvis directly lines up with mine. The logistics have to be perfect for this, otherwise he tries to lift me up, and that lasts about 1 minute before his arms go numb.” – Heather F. 

“Being on top is my favorite, but also my least favorite when I'm tired.” – Carissa G.

“Bent over, from behind. If I have something to hold on to, it can be okay, but usually guys are just too over-eager and it feels like I’m receiving some sort of torture.” – Tiffany L. 

“Anal. My boyfriend constantly asked to try it, but when I caved it was just too painful to do. I have a vagina for a reason…” – Anna Z. 

“69, to me, is something you try in high school and college, then never ever think about again because it’s disastrously embarrassing.” – Katie M.

“Doggy Style makes your boobs flap around and other areas jiggle way too much.” – Jackie M. 

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