Zach Anner Inspires You to Hit New Milestones

YouTube personality Zach Anner releases a hilarious Workout Wednesday inspiring his viewers to strive for new milestones (because kilometerstones sounds stupid).

Zach Anner Inspires You to Hit New Milestones

Something as inconsequential as Hump Day is no match for comedian Zach Anner, whose web videos have earned him a legion of fans on YouTube and Reddit. The Austin-based Anner, who suffers from cerebral palsy, has several hilarious series on his YouTube channel, but our favorite is his motivational Workout Wednesdays

His most recent Workout Wednesday has gone viral thanks to him dropping gems like "Milestones are important because they remind us that no matter how far we've come, we will never convert to the metric system. Kilometerstones just sounds stupid!"

Not to mention his truly inspiring positive attitude and sense of humor about some of the lemons that life had handed him. 

Check out the awesome video: