Sex Positions to Try Now

If new moves in the bedroom weren't part of your New Year's resolutions, it's not too late to add them.

16 Sex Positions to Try in 2016

5. Over The Edge Lotus

How to do it: In this variation (of the position described on the previous slide), the guy scoots over to the edge of the bed so he can rest his feet flat on the floor. 

Expert tip: If flexibility is not your forte, you’ll find this variation of Lotus much easier to pull off. The woman has a bit more range of motion too, so she can slide up and down the full length of his penis.

6. Leaning Cowgirl

How to do it: The man lies flat on his back, and the woman straddles him. She slowly leans back, propping her hands behind her for support. 

Expert tip: This is a great position for giving the man a show. The woman can masturbate right in front of him, showing him exactly what she’s doing to herself.

7. Legsplitter

How to do it: The woman lays on her back, with one leg flat on the bed and the other leg up in the air. The man straddles the leg that’s on the bed, and the woman rests her other leg on his shoulder.  

Expert tip: This position creates a really deep, full sensation. It’s great for hitting the G-spot. It’s easy to maneuver into from Missionary, but still unusual enough to feel new.

8. Crabwalk

How to do it: Remember doing the crabwalk in PE class? You’re going to get into the same position here, with your stomach facing up. The guy’s butt rests on the bed or floor. The woman can start off straddling the man, then slowly bend backwards until she’s resting on her hands. 

Expert tip: This position is fun because it’s acrobatic and pretty unusual. You can use it to take a breather from more intense positions. The woman can put on a bit of a show by slowly and sensually grinding against the guy. 

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