Pamela Snyder

Pamela Snyder

Place of Birth: Port Saint Lucie, FL

Leagues: NPC

Competition Weight: 115

Pamela Snyder can still remember her first time lifting weights.

She was a high school sophomore, had just quit the cheer team, started running and joined a gym. Standing in front of the weights, Snyder realized she had no idea what she was doing, but that wasn’t going to stop her. Even though she may have stuck to the weight machines, avoiding free weights at all costs.

Come college though, Snyder, who had been studying Kinesiology, read a book written by Lou Schuler that transformed her gym routine, in other words, she finally had free weights in hand.  It was a photo of Nathalia Melo that inspired her to compete.

Snyder’s goal for 2013 is definitely to earn my Pro Card.