2014 Arnold Classic Preview

Wolf, Rhoden, Warren, and others destined to clash in Columbus for the 2014 IFBB Arnold Classic.



DENNIS JAMES: Toney’s been doing a lot of shows every year but he might need to slow down because hasn’t been getting better for the past few years. Maybe he’s not giving his body enough time in-between shows. The biggest thing for him is to bring his legs back to where they were, and at age 47, that’s a tough task, as legs are the frst thing to go. He has to fInd a way to not lose leg sweep as he diets down. Once the legs start going, your waist, even if it’s small, starts to look wider. I tip my hat to him for bringing the condition he has as an elder statesman, but to be competitive at this level with these younger guys, you need to bring it.

CHAD NICHOLLS: Toney always seems to put things together for the Arnold, but in this lineup he really needs to focus on conditioning. He’s been able to slow down Father Time, but not stop him, and eventually conditioning and the look of the skin become a major issue as age catches up with you.


DENNIS JAMES: It doesn’t matter what he looks like leading up to the show because it can all change so much for him on game day. I can’t say what happens but maybe it’s an issue of being mentally tough and focused on what he needs to do. He needs to be 98–99% to be in the mix. If he ever nails it 100% , he could win this—he could win the O. But his track record says otherwise as we have yet to see him come in on.

CHAD NICHOLLS: Cedric is one of those guys that everyone is waiting to see present a physique expected from such a genetically gifted athlete. I believe he needs a solid (year-long) off-season to fix many of the problems that plague him come contest time. The way he looks 48 hours prior to a show and the way he looks onstage are night and day.

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