2014 Arnold Classic Preview

Wolf, Rhoden, Warren, and others destined to clash in Columbus for the 2014 IFBB Arnold Classic.



DENNIS JAMES: This man is on a comeback. People are writing him of but that makes him dangerous because Victor’s still got the tools to win. He’s getting better with each show. At the New York Pro, he was sharp but lacked size. At the Olympia, he had size but was of condition-wise. He had a better combination of the two at the Arnold Europe. I believe he has the time to get back size and allow his body to adjust to it. If he can keep the size and come in with the sharpness he showed in New York, he will be a contender.

CHAD NICHOLLS: Victor is an athlete who could easily walk in and win this show. What he needs now, however, is time to make solid gains and mature the size to bring him back to the top of his game. He just hasn’t allowed himself time to do so since his comeback. Vic needs to be 250 and in solid shape. If he does that he’ll be one of the last guys standing.


DENNIS JAMES: Ed’s got great lines with a small waist and wide, faring quads. He’s tall but not the biggest guy. He’s always a little fat in the side poses because he lacks chest and back thickness. Unless he can pack on 10–15 pounds of quality torso mass, which I don’t see happening at his age, it will be tough for him to make the top six.

CHAD NICHOLLS: Ed’s one of the taller athletes in this lineup but lacks a bit of front to back thickness. He always displays solid conditioning but needs to fInd a balance that gives him the crisp look without losing too much size while not coming in so full that his conditioning is blurred.

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