2014 Arnold Classic Preview

Wolf, Rhoden, Warren, and others destined to clash in Columbus for the 2014 IFBB Arnold Classic.



DENNIS JAMES: Size is his strength, but at the same time, he needs to keep his waist in check, especially standing next to Dennis Wolf and Shawn Rhoden. Dennis, in particular, will really expose that faw in Ben because Dennis has the size and a small waist. Ben needs to be shredded because if he’s holding even just a little water, there is no impact to his physique. He hasn’t done anything since last year’s Australia Pro so if he can show up with added back and chest mass, and be hard and dry, he can cause some trouble. He has a history of doing well at this show so we’ll see if that trend continues.

CHAD NICHOLLS: One of the freakiest guys in the lineup with the ability to be the best-conditioned athlete in the show. Ben placed second in the Arnold last year and also snagged the Most Muscular award. He needs to bump things up a notch and show the hard, grainy look he is capable of. His size and gnarly, grainy look, could very easily leave him as the last man standing.


DENNIS JAMES: A great, aesthetic physique. Now, was there enough time between the Arnold Europe in October to now for him to add size? I doubt it. His best bet is to come in conditioned without losing any of the size he had last year. If he does, his lines and symmetry can carry him a long way. He is defnitely a threat.

CHAD NICHOLLS: Structurally the best athlete in the lineup. With his solid placements at the Olympia the last two years, he comes in as one of the favorites. He gets in really good condition, but needs to show that thin-skinned look. When he poses, his shots really jump and you see the conditioning, but as he transitions, his body tends to soften a bit. If he can thin the skin just a bit more and look conditioned through every movement, he’ll be very tough in this lineup.

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