Ben Pakulski blog update!

Trying to get all my traveling in before the real crunch time begins for the Olympia.


FLEXONLINE I been all over North American and to the UK in the last 6 weeks. Trying to get all my traveling in before the real crunch time begins for the Olympia.

So I apologize for my lack of regular blog updates. Once I am settled into a routine these things become much easier.

My home base for the last 6 weeks has been Toronto and training is great. Every thought that enters my mind is on how I can bring my best package to that stage in 16 weeks.  My team of coaches and I are picking apart every little part of my physique. One by one addressing what needs to be done to bring a rock hard and balanced physique to the stage.  Ive been blessed to meet some new brilliant minds that will be adding a new dimension to my training and recovery(you will hear plenty about them as the road to the Olympia continues). 

I have been following a 2 a day training split whenever my travel schedule allows.  My body just loves this type of training.  My current workout split has me training back and chest twice a week, and arms twice a week every other week. Ive also just started adding some occlusion training in there as well. SICK pumps! (one of my colleagues has done extensive research on this and he will be sharing a lot more about it in some videos we create on the road to the Olympia). Ive even started training calves again! ;)

I had the opportunity to train with ZKK again in the UK (

Zack Khan). That’s one large human. Emporium Gym in Manchester stayed open late for us so we could smash it, yell, and train like mutant meatheads and no one would care. One of the toughest workouts ive had in a while (ask Zack! ;)) 

What else ive been up to:

For those of you that don’t already know, my incredible girlfriend and I recently had a baby boy. Being on the road away from them both is very difficult but I was able to bring that to Toronto for 2 weeks and  enjoy some touristy stuff.

My time has also been occupied with tons of reading and research for the new program I am launching at the end of june.  For those of you that haven’t already tried my first Best-Selling muscle building program MI40 you should definitely check that out first. 

We also just put out a FREE 54 page report on The 6 Forgotten Factors of Hypertrophy. If you have EVER hit a “plateau” in your training, this report is a must.



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