Kevin Levrone's Remarkable Bodybuilding Career

How the Maryland Muscle Machine became a legend.



His four seconds in the Mr. Olympia spanned 11 years, from his rookie season to what was, until his unretirement, his penultimate year. Unfortunately for him, he collided with two of history’s greatest Sandow collectors, landing just behind six-timer Dorian Yates in 1992 and 1995 and eight-timer Ronnie Coleman in 2000 and 2002. The first and final of those were most notable. Coming in a high-def 228 in his rookie year, the 27-year-old nearly upset the juggernaut that was Yates. With superior quads, delts, and arms, he bested Yates in front shots but was overshadowed from the rear. And in 2002, when he matched Coleman pound for pound at 245, he beat the reigning champ on judges’ scorecards in the finals.


But enough about losses. Levrone did a lot of winning. If we don’t count master’s contests, his 20 pro victories are the third most behind Coleman’s 25 and Dexter Jackson’s 23. His trophy stash includes two for Arnold Classic titles, in 2004 and 2006. Mostly, he dominated post-Olympia European tour shows, winning 14 of his 20 pro titles outside America. Those contests were stacked because almost all the top Olympia finishers journeyed across the Atlantic chasing paychecks. Levrone won a German pro show four different years. In 1997 alone, he won all but one of the seven post-Olympia foreign contests he entered, defeating a who’s who of bodybuilding icons in six different countries.


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