Kevin Levrone's Remarkable Bodybuilding Career

How the Maryland Muscle Machine became a legend.



During the ’90s, when the East Coast battled the West Coast for rap supremacy, Levrone waged a similar war, alone, on the Mr. Olympia stage. He was forever outnumbered but not always outgunned. In callouts, the Maryland Muscle Machine traded shots with Flex Wheeler, Shawn Ray, Nasser El Sonbaty, and a cadre of other Southern California natives and transplants. You can read too much into geography. Maybe Levrone would’ve been a hardcore beast wherever he lived. Nevertheless, the prevalent image was him hoisting 500-pound bench presses and 405-pound barbell rows in his own empty gym. His hoodie’s hood was up, as if it were always winter, even inside, and he was captured in shades of gray, as if the sun never shined in Baltimore. Meanwhile, on the opposite coast, his foes were teamed together and bathed in the effervescent glow of an endless summer. After he retired, Levrone moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. But now, unretired, he’s back in a Maryland gym, out of the light and once again moving heavy metal.


The name of Levrone’s rock band, Fulblown, was appropriated from his training video, Full Blown. In 2006, Fulblown released its album, Mirage, which is available on iTunes.


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