Epic Olympia Showdown: HEATH vs. CUTLER, 2010

Epic Olympia Showdown


Jay Cutler grabs his fourth and last title and Phil Heath, finishing in second, emerges as a legitimate Mr. Olympia contender.

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Jay Cutler (1)

Phil Heath (2)

Branch Warren (3)

Dexter Jackson (4)

Dennis Wolf (5)

Ronny Rockel (6)

Kai Greene (7)

Victor Martinez (8)

Toney Freeman (9)

Hidetada Yamagishi (10)

Dennis James (11)

Johnnie Jackson (12)

Marcus Haley (13)

Roelly Winklaar (14)

Troy Alves (15)

Edward Nunn (16)

Evgeny Mishin (17)

Erik Frankhouser (18)

Francisco Bautista (18)

Craig Richardson (18)

Robert Piotrkowicz (18)

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