Epic Olympia Showdown

  • 2013 Mr Olympia Promotion - War Is Coming 2013 Mr Olympia Promotion - War Is Coming This fall, the best bodybuilders in the world will be competing in Las Vegas, NV for the most prestigious title of them all, Mr Olympia. The Sandow Trophy is totem these men strive to grab.
  • LABRADA vs. HANEY, 1989 LABRADA vs. HANEY, 1989 Epic Olympia Showdown: LABRADA vs. HANEY, 1989
  • Interview With Mamdouh Elssbiay in Oxygen Gym, Kuwait Big Ramy Video Interview Regardless of the man or country, a bodybuilder is a bodybuilder. The commonality is not just hitting the gym, but everything else that comes with living the bodybuilding dream.

The final battle for Mr. Olympia between Lee Haney and Rich Gaspari. Rich's last year as runner up proved to be a memorable one.

Lee Haney (1) with a perfect score

Rich Gaspari (2)

Berry deMey (3)

Lee Labrada (4)

Gary Strydom (5)

Mike Quinn (6)

Brian Buchanon (7)

Samir Bannout (8)

Ron Love (9)

Bob Paris (10)

Mohamed Benaziza (11)

Phil Hill (12)

Shawn Ray (13)

Michael Ashley (14)

Albert Beckles (15)

Eduardo Kawak (16)

Robby Robinson (17)

Peter Hensel (18)

Luiz Freitas (19)

Ralf Moeller (20)

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