2013 Europa Show of Champions Final Results and Report

Alves, Mello, King and Anderson win their divisions at the 2013 Europa Show of Champions. Full results available here.

Alves, Mello, King and Anderson Take Orlando

After the dust settled, four IFBB pros were crowned victors tonight: Troy Alves, Michael Anderson, Courtney King and Patrica Mello. All walked off the stage with a first place trophy in hand for their respective divisions as well as a coveted qualification for the 2013 Mr Olympia Weekend.

Troy Alves strategically dropped down to the 212 and Under Class for the first time, which proved to be a wise move for the 46 year old. Always aesthetic and ripped, Alves has already proven he can compete in - and win - the open class. In fact, he won the open division at this very show in 2009. However, Alves simply did not possess the muscularity to compete against and beat his opponents at larger shows. Since Alves is a little taller than most who compete in the 212 and Under Class, he is upsetting the playing field because he brings a new aesthetic to this division. His X frame really stands out amongst his oppenents of equal weight. Alves will most likely look bigger once he goes head to head with the rest of the field this fall in the 2013 Mr Olympia 212 Showdown.

Men's Physique Pro Michael Anderson earned his pro card at the 2012 NPC Masters Nationals. He must have done something right because he went from 7th place last week at the 2013 Pro Grand Prix to 1st place this week. Sadik Hadzovic took second place again. Always conditioned, Hadzovic has placed in the top 5 in every pro contest in which he's competed.

This is a very big win for Bikini Pro Courtney King. King turned pro at the 2012 NPC USA Championships and is the youngest IFBB Pro at 19 years of age. King placed second at the 2013 IFBB Battle on the Beach. By securing a first place win tonight, King is establishing herself as the 'girl' to watch come this 2013 Bikini Olympia.

Women's Physique Pro Patricia Mello made it two for two as I predicted. Mikaila Soto came close but just couldn't catch up to the physique Mellow carried both this evening and at last week's 2013 Pro Grand Prix. I also predicted Amanda Dunbar would place well and she proved me right by taking third in of a very deep class. This was not only Dunbar's  physique debut, but also her pro debut. It took Amanda Dunbar 8 years to finally compete as a pro after earning her pro card in the 2005 NPC USAs Light Heavyweight and Overall Women's Bodybuilding.

2013 Europa Show of Champions Full Results


1. Troy Alves
2. Raul Carrasco Jiminez
3. Marco Rivera
4. Thomas Benagli
5. Milton Holloway
6. Charles Dixon
7. Nathan Wonsley
8. Wendell Floyd
9. Amit Sapir
10. Daron Lytle
11. Jason Arntz
12. Rixio Tapia
13. Vinny Galanti
14. Anthony Paitaris
15. Gianluca Catapano


1. Michael Anderson
2. Sadik Hadzovic
3. Dean Fazzolari
4. Anton Antipov
5. Steve Mousharbash
6. William Sullivan
7. Deniz Duygulu
8. Jason Poston
9. Ryan Hughes
10. Craig Capurso
11. Shane Eslahi
12. Michael Bevins
13. Matthew Acton
14. Michael Ferguson
15. Vincent Fiore
16. Colin Wasiak
16. Cory Lagasse
16. David Herskovitz
16. Douglas Peany
16. Guy Marquardt
16. Joe Herr
16. Justin Busiere
16. Sheridan Hause
16. Tyler Anderson


1. Courtney King
2. Ashley Kaltwasser
3. Aly Veneno
4. Nicole Witbeck
5. Maria Annunziata
6. Francesca Yumul
7. Brittany Young
8. Maura Bouchard
9. Jennifer Dawn
10. Lacey DeLuca
11. Ashley Wade
12. Jessica Renee
13. Nathalie Mur
14. Danielle Carr
15. Sabrina Nicole
16. Noemi Olah


1. Patricia Mello
2. Mikaila Soto
3. Amanda Dunbar
4. Frances Mendez
5. Jillian Reville
6. Jennifer Robinson
7. Kristina Curci
8. Melissa DiBernardo
9. Asha Hadley
10. Janet Koehler
11. Alecia Marie Rankovic
12. Leonie Rose
13. Jill Rudison
14. Rachel Baker
15. Jill Dearmin
16. Amanda Brawn Harris
16. Anne Marie Lasserre
16. Audrey Presson
16. Candrea Judd-Adams
16. Cinzia Massoro
16. Danielle Soucek
16. Danielle Reardon
16. Evangeline Belton
16. Stacy Simons McDowell
16. Tammy Patnode
16. Tiani Norman

2013 Europa Show of Champions Full Results - Judging Score Sheets

2013 Europa Show of Champions Full Results

2013 Europa Show of Champions Full Results

2013 Europa Show of Champions Full Results

2013 Europa Show of Champions Full Results

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