2013 Flex Lewis Classic Championships Review and Results

A standing room only crowd of over 1700 guests turned out to the Embassy Suites Conference Center for the event presented by Flex's sponsors including Gaspari Nutrition, Olympus Gym, AMI/Weider FLEX Magazine and GASP

2013 Flex Lewis Classic Championships Review and Results

On Saturday, June 22nd, reigning Olympia 212 Showdown Champion Flex Lewis hosted the third annual Flex Lewis Classic NPC Bodybuilding Championships in Murfreesboro, TN. A standing room only crowd of over 1700 guests turned out to the Embassy Suites Conference Center for the event presented by Flex's sponsors including Gaspari Nutrition, Olympus Gym, AMI/Weider FLEX Magazine and GASP.  "Flex and his training partner, co-promotor Sean Barber host their event in a first-class venue. As a sponsor and mentor to Flex, I am excited to see his level of commitment to make sure the athletes leave with a great impression that lasts a lifetime." said Rich Gaspari, Gaspari Nutrition -CEO.

2013 Flex Lewis Classic

6:30am Friday | Weigh In
Over 100 competitors from 12 surrounding states packed the hallway at the Embassy Suites waiting to get registered and weighed. Each athlete had the opportunity to have their photo taken with Flex and took home a drawstring bag from Gaspari Nutrition packed with samples, a shaker and an official Flex Lewis Classic event t-shirt.

Flex LEwis Classic 100 competitors from 12 surrounding states

9:00am Saturday | Expo and PreJudging
The event opened with a fitness expo featuring 20 sponsors and vendor exhibits, where fans could sample a variety of sports nutrition supplements, fitness apparel and health related products and services. "The expo was a great addition to the event, giving sponsors an opportunity to interact with guests and bodybuilding fans an opportunity to take photos with their favorite athletes." said Joe Volgey, Gaspari Nutrition –VP of Marketing. IFBB Pro League athletes Flex Lewis and featured guest poser Shawn Rhoden along special guests Hall of Famer Rich Gaspari and Women's Physique standout Dana Linn Bailey, spent hours greeting fans, taking photos and signing autographs before, during and after the event.  

fitness expo featuring 20 sponsors and vendor exhibits

With over 500 guests at prejudging, Flex was very proud of the turnout this year, stating "On Thursday night we had 90 pre-registered athletes, so I hoped to reach 125 competitors. By the time prejudging started, a show record 156 competitors packed the dressing rooms ready to take to the stage."

6:30pm Saturday | Expo and Finals
A standing room only crowd of over 1600 guests plus IFBB Pro League athletes, including Brandon Curry and Brandy Leaver, Luis Santa, Ali Rosen, Yolly Alvarado and Valerie Haines came out to support the event.  With a long list of classes ahead of them, both expeditors and judges moved the show along quickly. Just before intermission, co-promotor Sean Barber took the stage to introduce featured guest poser, Shawn Rhoden, 2013 Mr. Olympia hopeful. At the conclusion of Shawn's routine, Sean took the mic again, this time calling out Flex Lewis to the stage. After thanking the crowd for their support, Flex answered the call and stripped his promotor shirt off and hit several poses for the crowd along side Flex-a-tron. During intermission, Flex, Shawn and Dana headed over to the expo adjacent to the competition to greet fans one last time.

Rich Gaspari, Flex Lewis, flexatron rhoden

After a short intermission, the Top 5 competitors in each class were called out for final judging and trophy presentation. Before the start of the Open classes, Flex took the stage address the crowd about special guest Dana Linn Bailey. During intermission, both Flex and Dana learned that a great deal of guests were disappointed that Dana was not scheduled to guest pose.  However, the popular athlete didn’t want to let her fans down so she stripped down to a sports bra and shorts, making her way from the stage into the crowd hitting poses for fan photos. At the end of the night, oversized middleweight Meshack Ochieng of Kenya with his full round muscle bellies, would take home the honor for the Men's Overall title.  Earlier this year, Meshack met Flex at the 2013 Arnold Weekend where Flex invited him out to compete in his show.

2013 Overall Winner oversized middleweight Meshack Ochieng of Kenya

By Sunday morning, co-promotors Flex Lewis and Sean Barber were already talking about the 2014 Flex Lewis Classic and promised to grow the show to an even larger venue to accommodate the growing number of competitors and guests. Stay tuned to for more information about this popular event.

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2013 Flex Lewis Classic NPC Bodybuilding Championships > Top 5 and Overall Winner

Teen Bodybuilding
1. Matt Brady #6
2. Austin Crowe #2
3. Thomas Spangler #9
4. Devin West #148
5. Brandon Cardwell #3

Teen Bikini
1. Kristin Kizer #11
2. Laura Hull #12
3. Danielle Sader #10

Men's Novice Lightweight
1. Joseph Wolak #13
2. Aaron Chase #146
3. Justin Davis #14
4. Devin West #148
5. Sebastian Jackowski #15

Men's Novice Middleweight
1. Tywuan Williams #19
2. Cody Walker #147
3. Thomas Spangler #18
4. Nick Jones #17
5. Lloyd Branham #16

Men's Novice Heavyweight
1. James Brown #21
2. Michael Keaton #23
3. Nathan Brumback #24
4. Curtis Smith #20
5. Justin Johnson #22

Novice Figure Short
1. Kaytlan Sisk #25
2. Kristi Chastain #26

Novice figure Middle
1. Cara Branham #27
2. Jessica VanCour #29
3. Jennifer Brock #28
4. Misty Collins #30
2013 flex lewis classic
Figure Short
1. Julia Shimkus #32
2. Jennifer Mehaffey #31
3. Leah Hampton #33

Figure Middle
1. Brittany Tabor #34
2. Tracy Komisar #151
3. Donna Palmer #35
4. Rosie Carrasco #36

Figure Masters +35 short
1. Leah Hampton #39
2. Jennifer Mehaffey #37
3. Kristi Chastain #38

Figure Masters +35 tall
1. Tracy Komisar #151
2. Donna Palmer #40
3. Misty Collins #41

Men's Master 40-49
1. Jeff Thomas #45
2. Demarco Morgan #44
3. Barry Love #42
4. Curtis Smith #43
5. Phillip Hopkins #47

Men's Master 50+
1. Tony McKinney #50
2. Steve Shelton #48
3. Tarzan Hedgepeth #49

Men's jr Lightweight
1. Steve Martin #52
2. Phillip hopkins #51

Men's jr Middleweight
1. Joshua Cate #55
2. Trinity Tabor #58
3. Landon Primm #57
4. Zach Greer #59
5. Chris Walsh #54

Men's jr heavyweight
1.  Steven Turner #67
2.  Richard Hudalla #65
3. Colt Greer #61
4.  Michael Brian Earp #64
5.  Steve Shelton #66

Emergency Services
1. Brad Bishop #68
2. Jason Lanzilotta #69
3. Rick Lanzilotta #71
4. Matt Brady #70

Women's Physique short
1. Melody Watson #72

Men's Physique short
1. Lennon Baker 76
2. Thomas Wallace 79
3. Michael Lovin 78
4. Brandon Giaccone 74
5. Matt Anderson 77

Men's Physique middle
1. Tre Stewart #92
2. Matt Gaither #90
3. Brandon Grimes #82
4. Chris Atchley #83
5. Cole Wilson #84

Men's Physique tall
1.Todd Zody #100
2. Brandon Farrow #94
3. Nathan King #99
4. Gage Nelson #95
5. James Meisenzahl #96

Bikini short
1. Alex Heavener #101
2. Tameka Duncan #109
3. Tiffany Ranalli #111
4. Kara Hawkersmith #106
5. Torrey Peak #112

Bikini middle
1. Keely Herring #114
2. Tiffany Smith #117
3. Mallory Jones #115
4. Cynthia Howell #113
5. Sharon Jones #116

Bikini tall
1. Shernika Speights #125
2. Lisa Huntzinger #122
3. Erika Urbanic #120
4. Cassie Belford #118
5. Randal Wall #124

Bikini masters
1. Keely Herring #126
2. Kim Carter #127
3. Patricia Till #128
4. Tara Harrison #129

Men's Open lightweight
1. Jason Lanzilotta #130

Men's Open middleweight
1. Meshack Ochieng #136
2. Dequan Adams #133
3. Brad Bishop #131
4. John Titus #134
5. Rick Lanzilotta #137

Men's Open light heavyweight
1. Shane Gholey #142
2. Jeff Thomas #139
3. Joe Watson #140
4. Matt Kneisel #141
5. Barry Love #138

Men's Open heavyweight
1. James Davis #145
2. Doug Porterfield #144
3. Christopher King #143

Men's Overall Winner
1. Meshack Ochieng #136

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