2013 Jr Nationals Bikini Results and Assessment

By far, the most competitive division of the vening was Bikini. Each and every class was a knock-down, drag-out fight where only one lady could win per class.


Yasmin Ali from Bikini A Wins the Overall here in Chicago at the 2013 NPC Junior National Championships. Each class winner won a pro card so congratulations to new Bikini Pros Yasmin Ali, Nissan Weaver, Yarishna Ayala, Liana Hamilton, Chaundra Bagwell, and Hope Howard.

Bikini Division Results

Bikini A Top 5 1 Yasmin Ali, 2 Ashriel Osgood, 3 Annie Parker, 4 Caryn Paolini, 5 Elle DeLallo

Bikini B Top 5 1 Nissan Weaver, 2 Susan Waters, 3 Sana Shah, 4 Lisa Schimkat, 5 Alli Petriella

Bikini C Top 5 1 Yarisha Ayala, 2 Antanique Landry, 3 Collette Barbera, 4 Angeles Burke, 5 Angelica Gonzalez

Bikini D Top 5 1 Liana Hamilton, 2 Stephanie Mahoe, 3 Ashley Kurtenbach, 4 Lauren Gregory, 5 Trista Anderson

Bikini E Top 5 1 Chaundra Bagwell, 2 Amber Orton, 3 Whitney Wiser, 4 Angela Okon, 5 Jennifer Menezes

Bikini F Top 5 1 Hope Howard, 2 Amanda Woolery, 3 Holly Elizabeth, 4 Asia Mendoza, 5 Alexis Nicole Jones

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