2014 NPC USA Championships, Finals Report

Congratulations to the new IFBB pros!


2014 NPC USA Overall Champions

Men's Bodybuilding

Overall Champion: Nick Trigili

Super Heavyweight

1st Place: Nicholas Trigili *Earned IFBB Pro Status

2nd Place: Jonathan Ward

3rd Place: Dusty Hanshaw

4th Place: Marc Dautruchee

5th Place: Ambrose Middleton


1st Place: Franklin Stinson *Earned IFBB Pro Status

2nd Place: Shawn Lindo

3rd Place: Philip Visicaro

4th Place: Josh Wade

5th Place: Benny Brantley

Light Heavyweight

1st Place: Caleb Blanchard *Earned IFBB Pro Status

2nd Place: Thomas Lenihan

3rd Place: Justin Rayner

4th Place: Shaun Vasquez

5th Place: Garrett Hawkins


1st Place: Bryan Balzano *Earned IFBB Pro Status

2nd Place: Ke Soon Chong

3rd Place: Gabriel Cortez

4th Place: Brad Helm

5th Place: Charles Curtis


1st Place: Erik Martinez *Earned IFBB Pro Status

2nd Place: Jovann Rushing Mosley

3rd Place: Julius Rumingan

4th Place: Joe Brenner

5th Place: Troy Sanders


1st Place: Bryan Homer *Earned IFBB Pro Status

2nd Place: Dwayne Quamina

3rd Place: Michael Conol

4th Place: Kelly Bautista

5th Place: Michael Janson


1st Place: Joshua Thompson *Earned IFBB Pro Status

2nd Place: Robert Freeman

3rd Place: Shane Cooper

4th Place: Eric Salazar

5th Place: Alvin Viernes

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