This is the Arnold Classic 25th Anniversary

2013 Information and 2012 Re-Cap of the Arnold Classic held during the Arnold Sports Festival


Arnold Classic Celebrates 25th Anniversary

The Arnold Classic, one of the most prestigious titles in professional bodybuilding, will celebrate its 25th Anniversary when the IFBB Pro League competition is held March 2, 2013 at Veterans Memorial in Columbus, Ohio.

In 2012, Branch Warren of Texas won his second straight Arnold Classic title after returning to the competitive stage for the first time since suffering a quadriceps injury shortly before the 2011 Olympia. Warren earned $130,000 for the victory an an additional $10,000 for the Most Entertaining Poser Award. The popular Texan also took home the Most Muscular Trophy as well.

Dennis Wolf of Germany took second in 2012, followed by Evan Centopani of Connecticut, Ben Pakulski of Canada, Dexter Jackson of Florida and Lionel Beyeke of France. Also competing in the 2012 Arnold Classic were Fouad AbiadGustavo BadellMatthias BotthofEduardo CorreaBrandon CurryMichael KefalianosShawn Rhoden and Ben White.

Warren became the sixth multiple winner of the Arnold Classic. Flex Wheeler won the event four times (1993, 1997, 1998, 2000), while Jay Cutler (2002-04) and Jackson (2005, 2006, 2008) each won three titles. Warren joins Kevin Levrone (1994, 1996) and Kai Greene (2009-10) as two-time champions.

The 2013 Arnold Classic will be held March 2 at Veterans Memorial in Columbus, Ohio. Prejudging will be held at 2 p.m. and Finals will be held at 7 p.m. Visit for ticket information.

Arnold Classic Winners

1989: Rich Gaspari
1990: Mike Ashley
1991: Shawn Ray
1992: Vince Taylor
1993: Flex Wheeler
1994: Kevin Levrone
1995: Michael Francois
1996: Kevin Levrone
1997: FLex Wheeler
1998: Flex Wheeler
1999: Nassser El Sonbaty
2000: Flex Wheeler
2001: Ronnie Coleman
2002: Jay Cutler
2003: Jay Cutler
2004: Jay CUtler
2005: Dexter Jackson
2006: Dexter Jackson
2007: Victor Martinez
2008: Dexter Jackson
2009: Kai Greene
2010: Kai Greene
2011: Branch Warren
2012: Branch Warren

Lifetime Achievement Award

The 2012 Arnold Schwarzenegger Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Robert Kennedy by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Accepting the award on behalf of Mr. Kennedy was his wife, Tosca Reno. In 1974 Kennedy started his first magazine, MuscleMag International. The magazine is still in publication 35 years later. In addition to MuscleMag International, Kennedy has also written 53 books, including several New York Times bestsellers. Robert Kennedy Publishing has published over 53 books with titles emphasizing fitness, health, lifestyle and nutrition. Kennedy is married to fitness writer Tosca Reno, the author of the best-selling book series The Eat-Clean Diet. Kennedy and Reno, along with their five children, live in the Caledon Hills of Ontario just north of Toronto.

Ticket and Contact Information

Tickets: Ticketmaster
Event chair: Bob Lorimer
Media contact: Matt Lorz

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