Arnold Schwarzenegger's Latest Movie is The Last Stand!

At age 65, Arnold is still kicking ass on screen. He may not be the baddest of them all, but he sure has the star power


Our favorite action hero is back! At age 65, he's no spring chicken, but you can tell Arnold has been hitting the gym and supplementing properly to regain the awesome physique we've known him to possess on screen.

Arnold is our modern day John Wayne - from his size to his swagger - and he dominates the big screen in whichever movie role he plays, even as a Kindergarten Cop!

In The Last Stand, Schwarzenegger plays a retired LAPD narcotics cop who took on the duties as sherrif in a border town. Happy as a clam living the peaceful dumb life in a town in the middle of nowhere, he's thrust back into the midst of violence when an escaped cartel leader heads through his town in order to cross into Mexico.

The Last Stand riffs on the elements of a Western, throwing Schwarzenegger into a deadly showdown.

There's all the great movie elements we've come to expect from the imaginative Korean director Kim Jee-Woon: violence, humor, and lots of guns! From a Tommy Gun toting heroin to a babbling dork - Johhny Knoxville - helping Schwarzenegger with a gatling gun - this one is a movie you should see.